10 Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill

One of the major concerns in the world today is depletion of energy. As concerned citizens all of us must make a concerted effort to be conscious citizens and save electricity. Electricity has become integral to life but imagine having to live without power.  Conservation of electricity benefits you personally as you will pay lower bills.
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Choosing a Home Heating & Air Conditioning System

There are various types of home heating and air conditioning systems. The type you have in your home is most likely based on the age of your home and the part of the country in which you live.
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Beat the Summer Heat – What Size A/C Do I Need?

A larger air conditioner will not always provide more cooling. It should be sized for the room area. If properly sized it should operate long enough to remove moisture from the air. It is the moisture removed from the room which actually produces the feeling of cooling. Unfortunately many people in their rush to purchase a window air conditioner buy too large a model.
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